Expert Machining Services

Craft and Art to Make Machine Parts

With experience and expertise on our side, we at Machining Solutions Inc. in Torrance, CA serve California’s industries with expert machining services. We offer precision fabrication of complex machine parts on a small or medium scale. We are equipped to offer low or medium volume machining. Find out more about what we are capable of delivering.

We Are Capable Of

Making Parts With Speed and Precision

If your parts needs demand speed and reliability, our precision CNC (computer numerical control) equipment will meet your demands. Our latest CNC machining centers with fourth axis allow us to machine four different sides of a part without any need for manual repositioning. CNC milling machines help us turn a part from solid material to an installation-ready state with tight tolerances. With multiple machines in operation and automatic barfeed capabilities, our technicians can deliver ahead of schedule with the quality and exactness you need.

Technology That Makes Processes Easier

One advantage of having CAD/CAM equipment like we do is that we can fabricate parts without the need for blueprints. We have the capacity to read and manipulate native computer-aided design (CAD) files such as Solids, IGES, and STEP. Moreover, we design parts to your exact specifications with solid and 3D surface abilities.